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I`m an experienced Network Engineer(and also Tech Geek), specialized on Datacenter infrastructure, LAN/WAN equipment with focus on security and virtualized infrastructure. I`m also good at evaluating options and generating solutions, I also deliver technical support for network applications and systems and i mastered my troubleshooting skills in hardware and software problems. I`m also highly enthusiastic about open-source solutions, i`m doing my own research. Working in a medical company, i also developed an interest in DICOM Imaging, it's amazing how computer science managed to integrate in the human body research and treatment of daily evolving diseases. Specialties: Watchguard, Hyper-V, VMWare, Cisco, HP/Aruba, Dell, Siemens HiPath, FreeNAS, Varian Medical Infrastructure, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, VPN.

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  • Dec 2015

    MNT Healthcare Europe

    IT Systems Engineer

    Managing all IT Department 

    Neolife Medical Centers (Bucharest/Iasi/Chisinau)

    Here i`m responsable of company's IT Systems in Romania and Moldova.

    In almost 3 years managed to rebuild all the company IT infrastructure and raise it to industry standards. I managed to design the company's new Medical Center in Iasi, from scratch, and also assuring infrastructure for one of the most exclusive medical devices on the planet, Varian TrueBeam sTX. I am managing the comunications between Medical Centers, design tech infrastructure, implement those designs, scale the solutions if needed. Implemented a software for central management of clients, and implemented from scratch a centralized DICOM(medical images) storage center for the company's clinics. Maintaining comunications between medical equipments and service engineers so that they can monitor critical parameters was very challenging, everyone of them using different platforms(Windows/UNIX/Proprieraty). Been able to implement security standards company wide, without explicitly restricting the users from doing their jobs. Other things this job requires doing: Managing users requirements, keeping in touch with partners, ordering IT equipments and supplyes.

  • Jan 2015
    NOV 2015


    Computer Engineer

    Server and workstation administration, network equipment service, network and computer maintenance.

  • Dec 2005
    May 2009


    Computer Specialist



  • 2014

    Politehnica University of Bucharest

    Complex Network and Information Security

    Bachelor of Engineering

    Network Services Management, Computer and Network Security, Operating Systems (UNIX), Mobile Networks' Infrastructure and Services, ISP Advance Services.

  • 2007

    University of Bucharest

    Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

    Bachelor Degree of Engineering

    Oracle databases, Expert Systems (Prolog programming), Formal Languages, Systems deoperare (UNIX, Windows), Java Programming, Compilers and translators, Computer Graphics (C ++), Electronics, Computer Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Psychology, HTML Special Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Management, e-Commerce

  • 2004

    "Unirea" National College

    High School Degree

    Mathematics & Informatics